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Let’s Have Some Summer Fun!

By John Hall for Blue Mountain Town & Country Gazette

This summer, let’s have some fun – and in our area we have a lot of opportunities to do just that. From amusement parks and rollercoasters, to river fun and Philly fun – we’ve got a long list of “fun” to choose from. In this issue we will show you just a few of the great options nearby.
In addition to focusing on summer fun, we also want to celebrate Independence Day – the Fourth of July. And there aren’t many places more appropriate to do that than Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation. Whether for Independence Day or as a simple summer excursion, Philadelphia has something to please just about everyone. We highlight big Fourth of July events and much more in “Visiting Philadelphia this Summer.”
You will need to head west for a short while to get to our next “Short Getaway:…” suggestion. Knoebels Amusement Resort is an amazing hotspot for affordable family fun, but it is much more than the 60+ rides and attractions. There are also three really cool museums devoted to mining history in our region, Knoebels itself, and vintage carousel horses (and other animals).
But that’s not all. In case you don’t know, when you visit Knoebels you get free parking, you can bring your own food, and there is no admission cost. Did I catch your interest? You only pay for the rides you ride and the food you buy from them. Be sure and read “Short Getaway: Knoebels Amusement Resort.”
Also in this issue we bring you some of the latest rollercoaster news in our region. We will specifically be telling you about a thrilling new rollercoaster at Dorney Park. We give you the specs and backstory in “BIG Rollercoaster News.”
Now if you’re new to whitewater rafting but want to try it, there are definite things you should know that pertain to your safety and enjoyment while out on the river. We give you the details in “Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos,” where the sport is very popular along the Lehigh River.
Finally, with summer thunderstorms in full swing, we thought it would be smart to bring you some safety tips in case you get caught unexpectedly in the outdoors when the lightning strikes, or driving on a rain-soaked roadway in a torrential downpour, when you’re visibility is barely there. We bring you tips from the National Weather Service around all of that in “Summer Thunderstorm Safety Tips.” It’s very valuable information.
So that is our issue! Please join us next time when we move our attention to cars. See you then!



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