Wedding Profiles-Kelly and Tristen Bergstresser

    Wedding Profiles
    submitted by Lacey Remaley
    Kelly and Tristen Bergstresser
    Kelly (Remaley) Bergstresser- from Germansville
    and Tristen Bergstresser- from Kunkletown

    Tristen and I met on April 2014 (romantic, right?) on
    literally one of the last days that we possibly could have met. Both of
    our subscriptions were going to expire and I just happened to see him and
    sent a quick hello. We had our first date and we’ve been inseparable ever
    since. Six months later we moved in together and nearly 1 year to the day
    we started dating (May 3rd, Tristen’s birthday) he proposed! Here is that

    I’ve never been one to really “plan” my wedding since I was a little girl
     or look at rings that I liked, etc. Tristen and I have always had an
    understanding that we’d spend our lives together but we never really put a
    time frame on it. One day I was looking at Pinterest and a rose gold ring
    popped up. I fell in love with it. I sent it to my mom with a message to
    just hold on to the picture JUST incase Tristen ever asked her what I
    would want. Little did I know two days later he went to my parents to ask
    permission. He already had a ring picked out, but literally drove all over
    Eastern PA to find that exact ring in the picture. 

    Early that Sunday morning we went to Lake Walenpalpack, where Tristen’s
    mother and step father rent a house for a week each year. We were sitting
    on the deck on the back of the house, which overlooked the lake. Tristen
    suggested we go down below to the dock. We made our way down and sat on a
    bench right on the water. It was perfect and serene and just beautiful.
    His heart was beating out of his chest and I was wondering what was going
    on haha. Then he stood up and took my hand. I said, “oh we are standing?”
    he said, “yes, I have something to ask you.” he got down on one knee and
    said the sweetest things in the whole world and pulled out the beautiful
    rose gold ring I wanted. I was sooo confused because I literally just saw
    that ring a few days ago hahaha and had no idea how he got it so fast! He
    proposed on his birthday and said he couldn’t think of a better birthday
    gift than to ask me to be his wife 🙂

    We celebrated our 1 year anniversary last September and now we are
    expecting our first child together.  I fall in love with Tristen more and
    more each day and can’t imagine my life without him!


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