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The Slatington Rotary Club and Student Interact Club Help Preserve the Slatington Veterans Memorial

On August 30th an energetic group of 18 volunteers gathered at the Veterans Memorial to assist the Borough of Slatington by pulling weeds and beautifying the landscape. This group consisted of 11 Interact Club students, 5 Rotary Club members and 2 members of the Veterans Memorial Committee.

The mission of the day was to dig out the weed-infested flower beds, install a professional grade weed barrier, and fill the beds with ¾ inch red stone provided by the borough for this project. This was no simple task and it required a lot of manual labor. The tools used for this project were wheel barrows, shovels, pitchforks, rakes, pick ax, buckets and a assorted variety of weed pullers. After removing a large amount of ground from the beds, Richard Fogelman took charge of properly installing the weed barrier with the red stone to prevent weeds from growing in this area.

A donation from the Slatington Rotary Club paid for the new flower pots at the entrance and the weed barrier material. Flowers in the new pots were donated by Robert and Chieko Churetta. In addition to sprucing up the Veterans Memorial, the group also pulled weeds in all four flower beds and around the gazebo in the Memorial Park. These dedicated volunteers donated five hours each on this project, which amounted to over 60 hours of labor. Everyone did whatever task they were assigned, never complained, and had a fun time completing this project. This is another example of people giving of their time, talents, and money to make our community a better place in which to live.



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