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Hello, April!

By John Hall for Blue Mountain Town & Country Gazette

April has arrived – our first full month of spring. As long as you don’t have hay fever, April is awesome! In my garden, some of the bulbs are blooming and others are soon-to-be-seen. I can’t wait for my tulips to start showing their colors – I have hundreds. For anyone who loves the freshness and colorful beauty of early spring, April is a magical month.
In terms of this issue, we’re going to look at beauty, food and more. We will look at one beauty trend that actually works throughout the year. We are also going to look at inner beauty. We will then look at the health benefits and spicy warmth of cloves (recipes included). And also, if you have leftover hardboiled eggs from Easter, we have found a link to 35 great ways to use them up. And finally, in a continuation of our focus on areas of health, we will share information around the signs and symptoms of autism.
We’re going to start with ideas for using up any leftover Easter eggs still in your fridge. We found the ideas at You will get the link to all the recipes in “Great Easter Egg Recipe Ideas,” as well as the actual recipe for an English classic called “Scotch Eggs.”
Have you ever worked with cloves in your cooking? If you have you know the warm, spicy flavor they can bring to a dish – especially of Indian cuisine, or even a gingerbread cookie. But did you know there are very real health benefits you can get from cooking with cloves? We’re going to look at those benefits, and also give you two clove-influenced recipes – one for a hot beverage and one for a chicken-wing glaze. See “The Health Benefits of Cloves (and Recipes)” for all the warm and spicy details.
As mentioned, continuing our look at areas of health, we want to take a look – as we did at this time last year, at autism. In this issue we will specifically share information from detailing signs and symptoms of autism. Please read “Signs and Symptoms of Autism” for more information.
In beauty, there is external beauty and there is inner beauty. In this issue we’re going to look at each. In “Finding Your [ITAL]Inner[UNITAL] Beauty” we address what inner beauty is and how you can identify and embrace it in yourself, and recognize it in others.
As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And in the eyes of some – or perhaps many – the “smoky eye” is a thing of beauty. But is the smoky eye something only a makeup pro can create? It has been argued that if you break the steps down, it’s not that hard to pull off. Find out how in “Makeup How-to: The Smoky Eye.”
So that’s our issue for this time around. Please join us again in about two weeks for our annual Real Estate / Home Improvement issue. See you then!



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