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14 Great Vegetables for Flavor

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As the days get warmer, we start to yearn for lighter fare. That’s when it’s time to start adding fresh vegetables to our family dinners. We’re talking crispy stalks of asparagus, snappy peas of every type, and tender lettuce leaves – not to mention the bright colors of radishes, rhubarb, and carrots.
Farmers’ markets are a great place to source the freshest vegetables. There’s nothing quite like freshly picked veggies eaten raw in salads for lunch, sautéed for dinner, or even as part of a healthier air fryer recipe. Whether it’s a sunny brunch or a dinner al fresco, try adding a few of these fresh, delicious vegetables to your plate.
Asparagus / Choose asparagus that feel solid, not rubbery or mushy. They’re amazing when roasted or grilled – and they’re surprisingly quick to cook.
Snap Peas / Choose crispy pods, then shuck and steam them. They can be used in a wide variety of recipes.
Arugula / The slightly peppery bite of arugula adds flavor to salads, pasta dishes, or pizza toppings. It’s available year-round but is found in farmers’ markets in spring.
Sorrel / Sorrel has a tangy, lemony taste that works well in salads or soups. It’s a lesser known heirloom perennial green.
Swiss Chard / Swiss chard is both beautiful and delicious with its rainbow-hued stalks and bright green leaves. You can chop it and add to egg dishes, soups, or side dishes.
Snow Peas / You can eat the entire pod of snow peas, which makes them easy to cook and amazing in stir fry dishes or salads.
Spring Onions / Often confused with scallions, spring onions have more of a bulb-shaped end. Sweet and delicious, roast them whole to savor their flavor, or add raw slices to salads, or pickle to enjoy all year.
Lettuce / Of course, you’ll find every kind of lettuce imaginable year-round in supermarkets. But farmers’ markets have an even wider selection in spring that’s been harvested locally.
Rhubarb / Rhubarb’s tart kick makes it ideal in both savory and sweet recipes; generally available fresh from late spring through early summer.
Radishes / The spicy bite of radishes makes them tasty for snacking or adding to salads. Plus, the leaves are edible, too. You’ll often find delicious heirloom or unusual varieties when purchased fresh from the farmers’ market.
Spinach / Spinach is available year-round. Use raw in spinach salads, baked in classic spinach pie, or mixed into a super-easy spinach dip.
Shallots / Shallots are related to onions, but they have a much milder flavor, like a buttery onion or mild garlic.
Ramps / Ramps are actually wild leeks, which have an oniony-garlicky flavor that mellows when sautéed. Their season is incredibly brief, so snag them when you see them. Typically, you’ll only find them at farmers’ markets.
Carrots / Carrots love cool weather, so they’re sweetest in the coldest months of the year. They’re sold at supermarkets year-round, but fresh baby carrots are often available only at farmers’ markets. Remove the tops but do not peel them until you’re ready to use.



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