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Short Getaway: Amish Country

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For your next short getaway, we suggest heading out for a day trip or even a long weekend to Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. As you probably know, PA has one of the nation’s largest and oldest Amish communities. If you’ve never been, you will see and enjoy a much simpler way of life during your visit.
During your getaway you will find many relaxing, interesting and educational activities in the area. Deciding what to do during this particular getaway may be tough because there really are many options – far more than we will be able to highlight in any real detail here
Lancaster County
Lancaster County is a picturesque destination. Just for reference, Walnutport to the City of Lancaster is only 75 miles – just more than an hour-and-a-half drive. As you make the journey, prepare to be enchanted by scenic rolling hills, charming farmhouses, and the timeless sight of horse-drawn buggies (some moving at a pretty good “clip-clop”).
In addition to all that, prepare yourself for mouthwatering food. The Amish are famous for their Shoofly Pies and all-you-can-eat dinner joints. You will not go hungry on this particular outing.
Amish Country Adventure
An Amish Country getaway revolves around witnessing the extraordinary way of life embraced by a community that wholeheartedly upholds centuries-old historical and religious practices. While exploring the area, you’ll encounter individuals dressed in traditional attire. The Amish, like the Mennonites, are a branch of the Anabaptist sect of Protestant Christianity. As such, they must adhere to a strict dress code in an effort to avoid vanity and preserve modesty.
Clothing is characterized by solid colors and simple patterns. Women wear aprons and bonnets, while men sport a beard and traditional vest. There are several orders within the community – some more modern than others.
Of Note: The Amish community does not appreciate the act of photography. Please ask before you photograph a person in Amish Country.
What to Do
Here are just a few of the things you could do on a short Amish Country getaway:
Tour a working farm / In this region, dairy farms reign supreme, offering you the opportunity to milk cows, gather organic eggs, take a hayride, and witness the sustainable methods employed by the Amish to power their farms – many believe electricity strays too far from nature’s principles to be used as a power source.
Traverse the countryside on a horse and buggy ride / Truly experience the Amish way of life by booking a horse buggy tour, which you can do in the town of Bird in Hand. If you opt for an authentic Amish-guided tour, it will undoubtedly be conducted via a horse-drawn buggy.
Travel to Strasburg / Strasburg is a haven to experience the fascinating world of locomotives and trains. Strasburg Rail Road is an authentic steam train excursion that takes you on a journey through Lancaster County. Allow yourself to unwind and enjoy the scenic vistas as you traverse 2,500 acres of idyllic countryside.
Or you may prefer to visit an Amish market, shop for Amish crafts or visit the picture-perfect town of Lititz, PA. You can also take a hot-air balloon ride or indulge in an ice cream tour along the “Ice Cream Trail” of Lancaster County. Whatever you decide, have a great time!



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